Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Morning Spin

Ever since I saw my cousin's spinning wheel when a was a wee girl, I wanted to try it out.

Naturally, I wasn't allowed to touch it. I could break it or get some gooey sticky slime on it that all wee children seem to exude from their hands.

So I didn't touch it. But I watched. I watched her spin. I watched the ladies at the country fairs spin. I watched the actors pretend to spin in the movies. Still, never spinning.

Then I saw a mitten with some unspun yarn laced through it - thrumming. I had to make a pair, of course. Which left me with some lovely unspun yarn - roving. What's a girl to do? I went to Rhinebeck and got a quick lesson on a drop spindle then picked up a beginner spindle for myself.

It was fun! And I made yarn and then knit it up into mittens.

I could pick any color and any texture I wanted and get just what I wanted. As long as it was bulky and soft, my spindle would spin it up.

But then, I went on a yarn crawl and found some ever so pretty pink lemonade Shetland wool. If I spun it thick, it would be cotton candy - but I knew it was pink lemonade. But my spindle wouldn't spin it thin and lacey.

So what's a girl to do?

I made a lightweight little sparkly lace spindle. So pretty!

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