Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burger & Fries

What's in the bag?

Only the juiciest, hardiest, more delectable, delicious, meatiest, cheeseburger and fries in the neighborhood!

One of the best things about commuting down to the city for work everyday is being able to get my hands on burgers like this.  Even though I live in the country, most of the cows in my neck of the woods are apparently dairy cows, so I don't see burgers like this at home. (Not to mention that by the time I actually *get* home, the sidewalks are all closed up for the night.)

My friend, Corey, and I were supposed to have lunch on Thursday.  But *someone* - and I won't mention who - didn't make it.  Something about having to actually work for a living.  I waited.  I called.  I waited some more.  Finally I couldn't wait any longer.

So, Corey, this one's for you.  See what you missed?  It was really good!

In all fairness, Corey and I have been trying to get together for lunch for about a year now, but invariably one of us has to cancel.  And in fairness, that someone is usually me.

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