Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red Light

Tonight while I was waiting for the late train (well, the train was on time, I was late - so I guess it would actually be the later train), I noticed that the glow of the taillights from the street 7 stories below was lighting up the architectural detailing on this apartment building next to the tracks.

It doesn't do this every day, so maybe it was the twilight, maybe it was the added traffic from the evening rush hour.  Whatever it was, I thought it looked pretty cool.  Sort of the building telling the trees, "Hey! I can put on a Fall color show too!"

Maybe I should have gotten more sleep.

But seriously - that is an apartment building right next to the train tracks.  Every train coming out of Grand Central passes right by those windows.  Can you imagine the noise!?

Maybe it was really a reflection of the bloodshot eyes of all of its' tenants who must be incredibly sleep deprived.

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