Friday, January 11, 2013


I spend most of my day either sitting for a long time or walking for a long ways. There's no middle ground.

So today I was reading an article about how it is important to take a day of change every week. Like how we used to all take Sunday as a day of rest, but culturally that just doesn't work for everyone anymore. And besides that, the literal translation of "Sabbath" is "rest" so the commandment isn't necessarily about church going.


The point was that if you are sedentary all week, take a day and move around. Or if you move around all week, take a day and be still. This could be physical stillness or mental stillness. It depends on your life.

It should just be a day of change.

So after thinking about it for almost 10 seconds, I realized that I sit or walk most of the week. So for my day of change, I think I'm going to have to stand around.

Bizarre. Maybe I should devote more than 10 seconds to the concept?

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