Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year - New Post

Happy New Year!

I have to say that overall 2012 was a really good year here at our bucolic manor, so 2013 has a big shoe to fill.

Our New Year started off on the right foot. Friends gathered together with lots of great food, conversation and a designated driver so your's truly could enjoy a glass of bubbly to toast the evening. (Thanks T!)

Of course this morning I had to have my traditional fruit filled semi-healthy start to the year. Semi-healthy because there just had to be a little champagne for breakfast.

So a simple New Year's Trifle:

Take a pretty glass and layer in some crunchy granola, then top that with real yogurt - the kind with active cultures - and that gets topped off with strawberries that have macerated in a little sugar. Keep repeating the layers until your glass is full.

As my DH's sister says "Yum!"

Naturally you need a little beverage to go with it, so Sunrise Mimosas are on the menu as well.

Take a wine glass and put the juice from the strawberries along with a few of those macerated strawberries themselves on the bottom. Pour in a layer of fresh orange juice, then top it off with a nice pour of champagne.


A sweet start to a New Year!

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