Tuesday, October 9, 2012

1st Blog-a-versary

A year ago - for some bizarre reason known only to the me from a year ago - I decided to start writing this blog.

I was driving past Farmer Sophie's place and the cows were out grazing - it really summed up the reason that my DH and I moved here from the city.  So bucolic.  So pastural.  So calming.

My sisters (hi sis! hi sis!) and brother (hi bro!) got a chance to see where I'm living and what's up.  My friends got a chance to see what in the world would be worth commuting so far every day.  When my friend L- got into her accident, she got to keep up with the outside world as she healed.

My mother, though, doesn't have a computer.  Well, she has a computer, but she isn't a big online computer kind of person.

So to celebrate my 1st year of blogging, I'm podcasting all of my posts and recording them onto a DVD  with the photos and pictures and sending them to her for Christmas.

I can't think of a better way to celebrate a year with you than to share it with her.

So - happy 1st blog-a-versary!  Here's to another year of gardening, baking, chainsaws, haiku, diesel engine maintenance, knitting, puppies, charities, DH, friends, flowers, commuting, sheep in the country, sheep in the city and all other kinds of things!

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