Friday, October 19, 2012

Stay On Target

I have to admit that I might have been a bit distracted today.  There's something happening this weekend that may have taken up a small bit of my attention.


Yes, tomorrow is the Sheep and Wool Festival over in Rhinebeck and I am ever so excited about it.  My friend, L-, and I have been planning since - well, since last year's trip.

All day my mind was wandering while I tried to get through the commute, the work, the evening commute, making dinner.  All I could think about was the wool.  I'm clearly obsessed.

We start the day early, have breakfast in the parking lot and then she'll head off to a class while I head off to see all of the sheep.  The afternoon is all about the shopping.  Fiber direct from the farmer, yarns I only get to see on the internet, and all of the sweaters and shawls that everyone has knit just to wear to the festival.

I'll be wearing my Jared Flood Guernsey Shawl.  I was thinking about the Citron - such a pretty carrot color.  Then I thought about the Line Break shawl - all the blues and browns.  But I've finally decided on the Guernsey.  The cocoa color with the rich textured stitches.  Perfect!

I might be a bit preoccupied going over and over my little list of planned purchases.  I won't be getting a ton of stuff, that's for sure, so I'll need to stay focused.  I'm going to try to get a drop spindle lesson and if I like it, I'll get a beginners drop spindle.  And some roving to spin from one of the farmers.  Then some pretty sock yarn that isn't scratchy - because even though I've only made 1 pair of socks, I still believe that I will make more of them.  And give to the Border Collie Rescue - because they always have a booth there - and people continually see the border collies on tv ads, then they adopt them, then they find out that these dogs really need a lot of attention, exercise and interaction or they become destructive little creatures driven to madness through boredom, so they dump the dogs.

It's not that the dogs did anything outside of their nature.  This is how they are.  Just like our little pup - just a step down from a border collie.  But not everyone does their research before they get a dog.  Then the people aren't happy, the dog gets abused - it's just a bad situation all around.  So the Border Collie Rescue comes in and saves the dog, finds it a good home and all around does good things.  (Stepping off of soap box now...)

And sadly, no, I won't be bringing home a little sheep for our pup to play with this year.  Once again my DH has pointed out that it really wouldn't be fair to the sheep - or our gardens - or him since I'll be at work and he'll be the one having to take care of it.

Maybe next year!

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