Monday, October 15, 2012

Martha Martha Martha!

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I celeb spotted Martha Stewart during her book signing at Grand Central Station.

Of course I had to join in with the other folks taking pictures (there were about 25 of them), or my sister would just not believe me.  So I brazenly walked in front of them and took out my little smartphone and snapped a shot.

Naturally someone else brazenly stepped in front of me to take a shot as well.  I had to laugh - Martha paparazzi!

My DH wanted to know why I didn't go up and meet her.  The reason is simple.  It was not in my budget!  It was, after all, a book signing and I would have had to buy her book.  Actually I'm not even sure which one it was - baking, cooking, crafting, sewing - but someone mentioned it was over $60.  Too much for my pocketbook especially when you consider that my mother taught me to bake, cook, craft and sew.

Maybe I'll get it one day if I see it at one of the street vendor's book tables.

At any rate, I actually felt a bit sorry for this multi-millionaire.  She looked perfectly fit, tanned, and made-up, but not very happy about having to sit at a tiny little table in the corner of Grand Central Station.  And she has to do it for 2 days - during rush hour.  It didn't seem to be an ideal location.

Of course, to make the most of it, she was filming the signing for something or another - the little disclaimer posters were posted here and there.  So she'll get the $ from her signing, the publicity for doing it at Grand Central Station and the film clips to be used in more programs and promotional spots.

All in all, not a bad days work, I guess.

Me?  Well, no one wanted an autograph for "Haiku Seasons", so I just went to catch my train.  Maybe next time.

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