Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Down at the Daylily Farm

Seriously, if you asked me even 5 years ago if there was such a thing as a daylily farm, I would have laughed out loud at you.  A daylily farm?  You've got to be kidding me.

But there is such a thing.  And what's more - I actually went there.

It's over in Connecticut, down by the Housatonic River, nestled in between the mountains.  You take the highway, to the state route, to the county route, to a street, to a road, to a dirt road with little hand-painted signs that tell you to make sure you stay on the road because there's a nasty 4-foot drop on either side that would split your car in 2 should you choose to pull over.  That was a joy to drive down in my big pickup truck - I thought I would have a stroke!

But once you get there, oh so pretty.  The road opens up and you realize that you're in the valley - and the only thing there is the daylily farm.

They have the most adorable little shop.  Natural cedar building with a wood stove.  Inside it was painted a creamy white and hand-oiled wood accents for the shelves.  Potatoes, squashes and garlic were mounded in hand-made baskets.  Watercolors of the dayliles graced the walls.  (Yes, I said "graced" - because they were so delicate and gentle in their art.)

None of the daylilies are in bloom now, but can you imagine this filled with flowers?  I could.

We ordered the fans (that's how they come - in fans) a few weeks ago, so they were all dug up and boxed, ready to be picked up.  These ones are for the Garden Club to give away, unfortunately, not for my gardens.  So I chatted a bit with the farmer (daylily farmer - heh heh heh!) and thanked him for getting up with the sun so I could pick up the fans.

Then I made my way back down that dirt road at a whopping 3 m.p.h. and headed home.  Snails crawl faster.

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