Sunday, October 28, 2012

Running Errands

Dashing around today taking care of those last minute little details that always seem to crop up right before a major storm comes knocking on our door.

Is there enough wood cut and ready?  Do we have the coolers set up in case the electricity goes out for days on end like last year?  Are all of the batteries on the cellphones, smartphones, laptops, and flashlights charged and ready to go?

Is there food to eat that won't spoil without a refrigerator?  Is there enough gas for the camp stove and grill to cook with for a week or so?  Is there water for drinking - and other water needs?  Gas for the blow torch in case the pipes start to freeze up?

Is the truck gassed up?  Are the chain saws tuned and gassed up?

Where the heck are the playing cards!?  (My DH and I have marathon card playing sessions when the electricity goes out.  This time I *know* I'll win!)

Fortunately our emergency kit is stocked with all of the essential strange things we only use for this type of emergency - like flame starters for the fireplace, Dura-flame logs, sterno.

I'm still not convinced we are going to get as hammered as the weatherman says, but I've learned that caution is a good thing.

In the meanwhile, just a few more errands to run.  Enjoying the foliage.  Happy that most of the leaves are down already - less weight for any unanticipated snow to cling to.

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