Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Of course since I was in a hurry tonight the train was"indefinitely" delayed.  That means over an hour in Metro North speak.

So, of course when I went to leave the parking lot to go home, the gates came down and I had to wait for the train that was behind my train to pull into the station, let all of the people off, let the conductors walk through the train to make sure all of the people got off and then slowly pull out of the station and into the yard before the signal gates went up again.

Of course.

Naturally, I utilized this time to make best use of it.  I took several photos of the gates - only 1 of which came out even half decent.  I cleaned out my purse.  Made a few phone calls.  And finally just sat and stared at the train.

Yup.  Good use of time...

I blame myself, of course.  If I hadn't been in a hurry to get home, none of this would have happened.  Trains can sense when you need to be on time.

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