Sunday, January 29, 2012

Are You Kidding Me!?

Laurel thinks you will appreciate this tale, a lot, and laugh - like she and her husband-of-the-year did - so I am sharing.  I took no pictures of the actual event, so you will just have to take my word for it and ask yourself - is this the angelic little creature I am talking about?

I had to take my pup to the vet yesterday for blood work - you would not believe what that evil demon puppy put me through!

I got up super early to exercise her before we went so she would be calm.  Then I took her out to the truck at 8-freaking-30 a.m. for the 9 a.m. appointment which is 5 minutes from our house so she will have enough time to walk around before she has to go inside.

She sees the crate in the truck and is not having any of it.

I pick her up, put her in the truck, she climbs over my shoulder, down my back and around my waist to try to escape under my arm.  I kid you not.

We wrestle.  She wins.

I tug. I cajole. I beg. I order her about.

No luck.

9:30 - I go inside to get a hot dog.

See the nice hot dog?  Don't you want some?  Just come a little closer!  That's a good girl...

I get her sitting in the truck next to the crate.

10:15 - Still sitting

I look at her and say - fine, we don't have to go and get your blood test, you can just die as far as I'm concerned.

She looks at me, looks at the crate, gets up, walks calmly into the crate and sits down.


We drive the 5 minutes to the clinic.

10:30 - Dogs everywhere - I am really worried because she's a jumper, you know - and most people don't appreciate jumpers.

There are 3 little girls right in front of the door to the store  - oh look at the cute puppy! they come at her with their hands outstretched - I'M FREAKING OUT! - I say, she jumps - they say, that's okay - my puppy goes forward...

and she sniffs them.

There's no jumping.  Just a polite sniff.

What the )*#&$@#*$!!!!!!!

We go into the store, she does buttsniff greetings with all the dogs, there's no incident.  Then...




She sits at my feet and is all staring up at me attentively.


She is sweet, obediant and just the cutest dog ever.  A woman with a c-a-t comes over.  My puppy sees it.  I'm ready - this is the moment she will go psycho.

She sits.

A bunny passes by.  Not even a twitch.

The vet calls us, she gets up, holds her PAWS UP for her mani-pedi.  The vet says, we need to switch her to the other side.  She stands up and turns around.

11:00 - I get her back out to the truck.  Same stubborn sitting, clawing to get away, freaking out.

I show her other dogs in cars and trucks - see, dogs like to go for a ride!

Snapping, snarling, pulling away.

Okay - treats... come closer, closer ---- got her and put her on the seat.

Pup, I am not walking home, so you can either get in the crate or...

She gets up and gets into the crate and lays down ---


I drove home.  I just left the truck in the driveway - unplugged, left the crate there, went inside and poured myself a drink - at 11:30a.m.

My Dear Honey thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard.  I wasn't laughing.

I just couldn't believe her !!! "why I'm just the sweetest little doggie you've ever seen" routine!  You would have thought she was Scarlett O'Hara herself the way she was carrying on.  Little Miss Prance-a-lot.

It did cross my mind to toss her and the crate out of the truck on the way home.

But, as draining as it was, at the end of the day, she chose to get in the crate - twice - even though it  was not what she wanted to do and she was scared.  I was glad that she trusted me enough to know that what I was asking was going to be an okay thing.

When we got inside, she went had herself a good snooze.  She was out like a light and slept for almost 15 minutes (that's 3 hours in basset hound time).

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