Monday, January 9, 2012

I Can't Believe I Never Noticed That

This Monday started out like any other Monday.  Rush - rush - rush!  Grab everything, take care of the dog, warm up the truck, run back in and grab what I forgot to grab the first time, hop in the truck and get to the train on time.  Whew!

Mondays are the most hurried day of the week for me.  The ride to work is spent - well, working.  Once I get in, there are back-to-back appointments all day long.  It's a push to get out of the office on time, to get to the bus, to get to the train on time.  To get some work done one the train so when I get home I can spend a little time with my Dear Honey and pup before I go and do some more work and be ready for Tuesday.  Whew!

Preparation and focus are key.

So I was walking down Broadway like I do everyday.  Texting.  Thinking about what I needed to get done tonight.  And I glanced over at the Cathedral Church of St. John the Devine like I do everyday.  Replying to email.  Thinking about what was coming up for tomorrow.

And I stopped.  What the???  Is there really a pyramid on top of the cathedral?  Seriously?


Maybe in this year of 2012 Mayan doomsday my mind has been thinking about the Mayan culture and their stepped pyramids, so this time when I glanced at the rose window my eyes moved upwards to pause on the pyramid? Cage!  A mystery - I love it!  Well, curiosity got the better of me on this so I had to look it up.  I know that the cathedral has been under construction since 1892.  Was a pyramid really part of the final design?

Nope.  Apparently it is the unfinished gable end of the nave roof.  So there you have it.  No Illuminati/Mayan conspiracy here.  Just a house under construction.

*That's* something I can relate to!  Now where did I put my blackberry...

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