Thursday, January 12, 2012


Our puppy got a puppy for Christmas. She named him Arf and they are inseparable.  

Our pup tries to teach Arf everything she knows.
  • how to play ball - Arf can catch if you throw it right to him, but hasn't learned to throw it back.
  • how to stay - Arf is really good at this, but no so good at come
  • how to sit - Arf tries hard, but always falls down
The other morning, she took Arf over to the doggie door to get him to come outside with her.  She nudged the door with her nose and stood back to let Arf go ahead.  Arf didn't move an inch, so she showed him again.  Still, nothing from Arf.  

Finally, she started hopping in and out of the door in the hope that Arf would finally get it.  No such luck.

By this time, I was laughing so hard I was crying.  

She went outside for a few minutes and rushed back in and went straight up to Arf with her favorite football toy.  She dropped it at his feet.  "Arf!"  The ball hit Arf and rolled back to her.  

Success!!!!  He plays!!!!

She and Arf spent the next hour playing football while I watched, laughed and encouraged them both.  

Good boy, Arf!

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