Thursday, January 5, 2012

What You Don't Want to See

You don't want to see *this* when you get to the train station after a long day.  3 firetrucks and a swarm of police!

Maybe it won't be on my track...

No such luck.  Fire on track 1.  

20 minutes. 1 fire extinguisher.  12 cops.  15 firemen.  1 paper bag thoroughly examined by multiple supervisors, drenched in foam spray and removed from the track.

Do I think this was overkill for a simple paper bag on fire?  No.  You see, the trains running on those tracks have diesel fuel engines.  And there is a lot of debris on the tracks.  The fire could have easily spread and gotten out of control, and let's not forget that this is the main track to get trains out of Manhattan to my upstate haven.  So, no, this was not overkill.

So thank you to all of the firemen and cops who got out there quickly and took care of a little problem before it became a big catastrophe!  You are fabulous and appreciated.

And I was only 20 minutes late getting home - safe and sound.


  1. yellow red, black and blue do not go well together execpt on Hudson Bay Blankets

  2. now there's something to curl up in on a cold night!