Friday, January 27, 2012

Sad Little Plow

So sad to see this little plow all alone in the rain.  He's just sitting there waiting for next winter.  Nothing to do now but sit there and rust.

I almost felt  sorry for this little guy when I spotted him hanging out at the edge of the parking lot.  Almost.

Then I remembered.  I remembered the years of snow.  The backbreaking shoveling.  Searching for cotter pins for the plow at 3a.m.  Freezing as pellets of ice swarmed around me, stinging every bare patch of skin.  And this little guy warmed up and zipping around the parking lot in all of his glory.  I remembered this.

So have no pity for the little plow at the edge of the parking lot.  His day will come again.  The Canadian winds will rip through my carefully constructed layers of warmth - chilling me to the bone.  Blizzards of snow will coat every surface, burying my truck and freezing the doors closed.

And this sad little plow will be happy again.

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