Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Snow Puppy

Our puppy is a winter girl.  She was born in the winter and came to live with us in the winter - and for the first 6 months of her life was convinced that the ground was made of snow.  

During her first spring, we had to convince her that it was okay to walk on un-snow-covered ground.  She would hop from one melting pile of snow to another until she was stranded on the last little pile of whiteness with no options for moving forward - and a little worried look on her face as she saw the ground around her disappear.

During the summer, she chases after the little white moths in the lawn as if they are snow flakes - pouncing and batting at them.  When she catches them she seems surprised that they don't melt.

When we went out to check the property, she got her first run through the newly fallen snow and took off in a blur!  She bounced and romped and rolled - thoroughly enjoying the ground having been restored to its' "proper" state.

All is right in her world!

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