Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pizza Party

Sometimes you just have to take happiness wherever you may find it.  For me, happiness is found with good friends and good food - or pizza!

Tonight we are having a party on the train.  My commuting friends and I love coming up with just about any excuse to make our 2 hour ride seem just a bit shorter and what better way than a party.

Since I get on in northern Manhattan, not at Grand Central, it generally falls to me to pick up the pizza so it will still be warm by the time we start the festivities.  It also doesn't hurt that the Famiglia's Pizzeria near the station has really good New York pizza.

For those of you not familiar with New York pizza - it has a thin crisp crust, no dripping oil and is generally eaten folded in half.  Exactly the opposite of a deep dish Chicago style pizza.  In fairness, both are equally yummy!

Tonight we will be celebrating the birthdays from August through October.  We kept having to push back the party night because of hurricanes, major snow storms and vacations.  Tonight, though, the weather is good - okay, a little drizzly - and everyone in our group will be there.

Here comes my train!  Gotta go.

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