Tuesday, November 29, 2011

31 Christmas Trees

This is what 31 Christmas trees look like all crammed into the backend of a pickup truck.  We don't normally go around with 31 Christmas trees crammed in the backend of our pickup, but this weekend we thought we would make an exception and just go ahead and cram them in there.  Just for fun.

I kid.

We had to go to pick up the "holiday" trees for the town.  With some careful stacking on my Dear Honey's part, we were able to fit all 31 trees into the pickup and make our way back home without incident.

We were able to transport all of the trees and get them to the town square in time for decorating day.  They are all decked out with pretty little red ribbons and galvanized wire securely holding them in place.

Next weekend is the tree lighting event, so the streets of our town are bedecked and ready to go.

Aside from being allergic to pine (itchy itchy) it was a lot of fun!

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