Thursday, November 10, 2011

Frost Predictions

Two weeks ago there was a frost warning, so we gathered up and brought in all the tropical plants.  They stay outside from the first warm day until the last.  They're our instant hit of summer that starts in spring - big blossoms, great scents, vivid colors.  But two weeks ago everyone got a haircut and came inside.

There was no frost that night.  No frost for 7 days.  Then we got a huge snowstorm - so we felt really good about having hauled in these guys from all over the gardens, dragging them up to their winter home, and a lot less guilty about scalping their green blossomed locks - turning them from Cinderella at the ball into Cinderella way before she even knew what a fairy godmother was.

Poor little bald plants.  They'll grow back and be even more beautiful next year!

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