Friday, November 4, 2011

Sheep in the City

I wanted to share with you this lovely sculpture which was sitting in the middle of Broadway when I got back into the city after the Sheep & Wool Festival.

It wasn't too out of the ordinary to have a sculpture pop up in the middle of the street.  They have had painted cows, people made out of nuts and bolts, strange shapes that I just can't even describe and other amazing works of art over the course of my years working in Manhattan just pop up overnight.  So I wasn't surprised to see this sitting there.

I did find the timing of it humorous.  Weekend Sheep & Wool Festival, then a sculpture of a sheep on Monday.  I had to laugh.

The sculpture is by Peter Woytuk.  His installation has pieces from 168th Street down to Columbus Circle.  His bronzes will be out in the streets on display until April 2012.

What fun!

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