Saturday, November 26, 2011

What Thanksgiving Means to Me

We had a contest at the office.  It was simple enough to enter, just have your child create a work of art in the theme "What Thanksgiving Means to Me".  Naturally, I had to participate.  After all, it's all about participation!  Only one tiny problem - my child is not human.  She's a dog.

No matter.  If I could get her to create a work of art, they would let her enter.  This was going to be fun!

We got out the paper and food coloring and got to painting!

Yup.  My puppy's first painting.  You can see the intense concentration as she manipulates the colors.  She's really into this.  I think we may have a Picasso on our hands.

Or maybe it's just the roasted chicken that she is hunting for?  Naw, she's all about the art!

Here she is, with all of the other Pre-K artists.  So maybe she doesn't do lettering or shapes.  And she didn't do multi-media, just a simple watercolor.  But even though she didn't get a blue ribbon, I think she did a fantastic job!

It was a great experience for us all.  Our pup was really enthusiastic, not just for the chicken, but for the mental challenge.  She loves to figure things out.  We will definitely be trying this again.  

Most importantly, my Dear patient Honey and I had the best laugh!

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