Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is coming and it's coming fast.  This year, taking a hint from my Thanksgiving plan, I put together my Christmas Check-It-Twice Checklist.  There are only 12 things on my list.  It looks so easy! I'm sure I'll be right on time with everything.

So here's the Christmas Check-it-Twice Checklist:
  1. Update Card & Gift List
  2. Make Out Cards
  3. Mail Cards
  4. Decorate Porch
  5. Decorate Tree
  6. Make Gifts
  7. Wrap Gifts
  8. Deliver & Mail Gifts
  9. Stuff Stockings
  10. Gifts Under Tree
  11. Menu for Christmas Dinner
  12. Make Christmas Dinner
You can download a .pdf of the list here.

Sure, there may be some steps that are more involved than others (#6 - Make Gifts), but overall I think this is going to go ever so smoothly.

Sure.  Yup.  No worries here...

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