Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recipe Cards!

Here are the recipe cards for the crostini and bruschetta topper appetizers!  Since these are appetizers, they go in the blue category in your binder.

The crostini make a great alternative to crackers.  They're a little unexpected and that makes it fun.  We topped them with bruschetta topper, cheese, midwestern pate, salami, and creme fraiche with caviar.  

Crostini 3x5 card
Crostini 4x6 card

Bruschetta topper is a favorite - and not just for snacking.  The light, fresh tomato salad is a nice addition to a sandwich, a great garnish for tomato soup and it adds a great splash of color to steamed vegetables.

Bruschetta Topper 3x5 card
Bruschetta Topper 4x6 card


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