Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby Mittens

I finished the baby mittens for my friend's new little girl who is due to come into the world any day now.  This pattern vexed me.  It vexed me good.

I started out with a Magic Loop and half double crochet standard double increase initially.  It didn't work.  The mittens were squared off on top and swooped down like the brim on a southern belles bonnets.  It wasn't pretty.

I scoured the net.  Read through Ravelry.  Poured over pattern after pattern.  I made 8 different attempts at mittens.  All failures.  I blamed myself for losing the original perfect mitten, hat and bootie pattern.  I was filled with crocheting sorrow.

But then I thought - why not just make the first few rows double crochet?  The stitches would be twice as long and they would round over instead of squaring off and swooping.  So I did.  And it worked!

I added a detail at the top to match the bootie detail and all was right in the world once again.


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