Thursday, August 16, 2012

Always Watching

In the city, there's always someone watching - and it isn't necessarily a human.  The pigeon flocks hang out where they are most likely to get food - and these guys are perched within 10 feet of a pizzeria.

They have a prime viewing spot for any crust or crumb droppage.  They swoop down within seconds and start the fight for the biggest piece.  Fortunately for this particular flock, they also have a bird friendly person looking out for them - and they get a nice amount of real bird food each day.  They are certainly a lucky flock of pigeons.

That's what makes them such a nice little group, I think.  They really seem to care for the people who walk by every day.  They definitely know the person who feeds them - flying down when she comes, before the food is even out.

These guys are always looking out for me see if I drop a crumb of food on the sidewalk.

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