Friday, August 10, 2012

Giant Alien Grasshoppers From Space

Last night I was attacked by a giant alien grasshopper from space - I swear it's true!  After much screaming and flailing about, my DH came to the rescue and captured it.  Even in its' container prison, it's still poised to go on the attack, but fortunately it doesn't seem to spit acid - or have a phaser gun - to break through the plastic walls of its' prison.

It's so terribly large because it obviously grew up in a gravity-free environment.  A normal earth-bound grasshopper could never have gotten so large.

This means it is from space.

You can also tell because it is clearly comfortable in the see-through round container that my DH used to catch it.  A regular grasshopper would not be so comfortable, but a giant alien grasshopper from space is used to spending time on space ships as it goes from planet to planet therefore it would obviously be very comfortable in an environment that was like its' space ship.

I call it a grasshopper, but that's only because I have no other word that begins to describe the hideous creature.  It hops, it flies...Oh the horror!

It's little mouth - filled with those sharp and deadly teeth could have done all types of harm and injury to me had my DH not come to my rescue!  Thank goodness he was here to save me!

So after capturing it, for fear that its' compatriots would come to find him, I had my DH release it back into the wild.  It should be able to make its' way back to its' space ship - and hopefully caution all of the other giant alien grasshoppers from space that this is not the planet for them.

They should go back to their home planet and not stay here, or at least not come into my home.

And most definitely they should not fly straight into my face and get caught in my hair so I end up running around screaming and flailing about madly.

It's just undignified, I tell you!

And where was my pup when it came time to defend me?  Sleeping.

I really don't like bugs in the house.  Really.

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