Thursday, August 2, 2012

Water Flowers

We have to send out thank you cards to all of the gardeners who opened their gardens for the tour - so naturally given the choice of either purchasing thank you cards or spending hours making thank you cards, I, of course, chose to make them!

I'm painting impressionistic flowers in watercolors on cold press watercolor paper that I've ripped down to size, and then I'll attach them to the front of card blanks, add a personal message - and voila! Custom crafted thank you cards with original paintings.

So these are my first 2 paintings.  I showed them to my DH and to L-.  They loved them.  I'm a little more critical, but I think they'll do just fine.

I got a new watercolor brush and I'm not quite used to the way it lays the paint down, but I think by the next card, I'll settle into the stroke of it.

And I have 7 more paintings to do - so by the end I should be much better.

Some might prefer the store bought cards, but I think paintings are a really nice way to let someone know how much their contribution meant.

Besides - I find it so very relaxing...and fewer calories than baking!

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