Tuesday, August 14, 2012


My DH teases me about this, but that's okay with me.  The thing is, my birthday celebration isn't just one single day - it's a weeklong extravaganza!

It starts the weekend before my day and it goes until the following Monday.  Each day is an opportunity to celebrate...me!

I can get away with this because there are no national holidays this month.  No distractions from the glorious day that is my day - and a weeklong celebration.

Mostly I get away with it because 9 times out of 10, I have to work on my birthday so we have to move the acknowledgement of it from the actual day to a weekend.  Initially this was no fun.  So I came up with the birthday extravaganza! concept.  That made it fun.

Even my train friends are into the celebration this year - they threw me a party.  Well, 2 parties actually since my morning train buddies and my evening train buddies are 2 different groups.  Friday we had a breakfast party and then today we had a dinner party.

Chinese food on the train.  I'm not sure how they did it, but they managed to convince a Chinese restaurant to deliver the food to the track at Grand Central Station, so it was piping hot when we all sat down to eat.  I was very impressed with their delivery ordering skills.

When you ride the same train each day, you get to know the people you ride with.  So when we can come up with a reason to break bread together, it's usually a lot of fun.  Especially when it's topped off with Magnolia's chocolate chocolate cupcakes (with sprinkles).

Our little group had a good time tonight and everyone left with a smile.  That's really what the extravaganza! is all about.

(Well that, plus the whole me thing!)

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