Monday, August 13, 2012

My Day

Today is my day.  In the strong birthday tradition that my DH and I observe, everything I do today is absolutely correct, right and proper.  Every word I utter is a pearl of wisdom.  The very ground I tread upon is fortunate to feel my step.  (He gets the same on his day.)

It's a beautiful thing.

My friend L- and her award winning husband-of-the-year, Ed, were so sweet and had my DH and me over for dinner to celebrate my day.  She got me an ice cream cake!  I've actually never had an ice cream cake for my day before, which is kind of strange considering that it is summer and one would think that it would be the perfect type of cake for summer.  But somehow over the years, not once have I had ice cream cake for my day.

It was wonderful!

My DH got me some lovely orchids - which I absolutely adore because: 1-they don't die, 2-they bloom a long time, 3-he's going to take care of them so they'll keep flowering for years to come.  I think that's the best part.  Since he cares for them, it really is a gift.  There's no work to be done.  Ever.

I just love this day!

And thank you! to everyone for the best wishes!  You are so sweet!!

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