Saturday, September 22, 2012

Church Picnic

My DH and I attended one of the church's picnic benefits today.  All of the monies raised went to their food pantries - and all of the food served was donated and prepared by members of their congregation.

We had a great time talking with neighbors - it seemed like everyone was there.  The food was amazing!  I couldn't help but think it is because this is more of a farming community.  I think that everyone who cooked a dish knew how much effort went into raising the crop and bringing it to the table.  So when they prepared a meal, they did it right - really "respecting" the ingredients.

There was probably a bit of competition going on as well.  They had at least a dozen different types of cole slaw - each one fantastic.  From a plain coleslaw to one with dill and another with apple.  The chefs for the day outdid themselves.

We saved a bit of room for dessert.

Magnolia's had better watch out, because if this lady decides to go into the cupcake business they will have some serious competition.  The lemon cake was moist and light, the frosting was homemade - just the perfect balance of sugar and fat (I believe she used a butter and shortening blend) - and to top it off was a perfectly candied lemon rind.

I'm always looking for new cupcakes, so I tried the parts (cake, frosting and lemon peel) both separately and altogether.  Either way you sliced it, this was an incredibly good cupcake.

Of course, the best part of the day was raising funds for the food bank. But I'll put the cupcake in at a very close second place!

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