Sunday, September 2, 2012

Garden Duties

Today my DH and I got to attend to some fun gardening duties for a change.  We went to view sites and just talk about gardens.  Not ours, so no weeding involved.

Our first stop was at the town's war memorial.  They want to put in some flowers for spring and were hoping that the garden club would be able to provide the bulbs.  Of course we can!  Naturally it's a red, white and blue themed space, so we're going to get them blue chionodoxa, white daffodils and red tulips.  They won't all be out at the exact same time, but it should be a lovely display.

Our second stop was a lovely garden overlooking the valley.  We're hoping that it will be on the garden tour next year, and so far it looks like the garden has what it takes to participate.  They have a beautiful space, well maintained, interesting species and cultivars and an enthusiastic hostess.

There are formalities that have to be attended to, of course, but it look as though this little 6-acre mountain-top retreat will make for a lovely addition to the tour.  Fingers crossed.

Of course, when we spend that much time out and about on the weekend, our little pup needs to have extra attention when we get home to burn off all of that energy that she has stored up for us.

But seriously, garden viewing and playing with the pup - what a relaxing way to spend the day.

Love it!

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