Friday, September 21, 2012

End of Summer Mystery

The end of summer brought not only a traffic jam, but also ... a mystery!  Who were these men with their cameras and sound equipment filming at the intersection of the train station?

I was curious.  Curious enough to go back down to the street and take a closer look.

It was a small camera group.  One guy was operating the camera.  Another one the sound boom - which he kept sticking up in the tree.  (Maybe he was listening to see if it needed water?)  One guy pointing at various things.  One guy carrying whatever the pointing guy said to carry.  And one woman on a cellphone nodding and waving disinterestedly.

So maybe they were just getting stock footage for filler in some production of whatever?  Then I ask you, why were there also cameras on every corner?  And not professional crews, but people with DSLR cameras - not smartphones.  That's 7 other people taking pictures of the same space today.

That's just plain strange.  Which makes it a mystery.  Which is a perfect thing to end the summer with, because in my opinion, it just isn't summer unless you get to read a good mystery (preferably on the beach while soaking in the sun).

I'll bet the butler did it.

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