Thursday, September 20, 2012

Last Blast

Today on the train I noticed that the trees in the Great Swamp are turning - it's too soon, I tell ya!  So when I got home tonight I took a look through my summer photos and made myself a little "painting" that tells the best part of my summer.

My DH and I were sitting on the porch at our friend's house sipping on a lovely glass of wine.  It's an historic home, perfectly restored, overlooking the valley.  Her daylilies were just coming into bloom.  The air was that wonderful summery scent.  Birds flitted about the bushes and shrubs.

The conversation was all about the gardens, the birds and the ever persistent threat of deer.  So relaxing - so calm.  It's what I like about summer all rolled up into one perfect evening.  No clocks or schedules, just living.

So one last look at this past summer.  Too soon for it to go, but then again, without summer's end the fall harvest would not begin (or continue...).

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