Friday, September 7, 2012

City Gardening

I saw this woman in the garden in the middle of Broadway poking something in the plants.  I almost was afraid to ask, but my curiosity got the better of my and I simply had to.  So I asked this lady just what she was doing sticking a probe into a flower in the middle of Broadway.  She said she was gardening.

I checked her knees - perfectly clean.  As you well know, according to the Knee Theory of Gardening, you really aren't gardening unless you get down on your hands and your knees and get a little mud on them.

Like this spectacular bout of gardening I did this past June.  See?  Mud, ground in dirt, soaking wet, caked into the jeans.  Even my sneakers are wet.  (Oh, and Duke's garden seems to have settled in nicely over the summer, so we think it will survive this coming winter.)

I almost shared the Knee Theory of Gardening with the lady, but she seemed so intent and sincere about her "gardening" that I just didn't have the heart.

She was, after all, checking the moisture in the plants to see if they needed water.

I also didn't have the heart to let her know that you check the moisture of the plant in the soil at the root - not inside of the flower.

City's different.

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