Friday, September 28, 2012

Fair Warning

Fair warning - if you walk in this area you will be photographed and your image will be used by XYZ corporation in their upcoming project.  Well, that didn't seem too fair to me.  After all, you had to be *in* the area before you could read the sign's disclaimer.  I had to take his picture.

This was the pilot show that they were filming.  A woman sitting by a lamppost outside of Bryant Park.   I hope it has a good script.

How weird that I was down by Bryant Park 2 days in a row!

But I'm off to Grand Central to wait for the train.  And apparently they're having a fashion shoot.

And of course the tourists passing through are taking pictures of the zodiac paintings on the ceiling.

Seems like everyone had their cameras out today.  Naturally I followed suit.  I wouldn't want to be an exception!

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