Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hi Ya Pup!

Hi ya pup!  Why you're just the best puppy ever.  Sitting at my feet just waiting for me to be done so we can have some quality time together.  We could play ball - or fetch (this time, you fetch and I'll toss - okay?).  Or we could just go for a really long walk.  Just the 2 of us.  Wouldn't that be fun!?

{DH opens a bag of treats ........ rrrrriiiiippppppppppp}

Hello?  Pup?  I say, do you want to go for a walk?  Play with Ball?  Play Squeak?

Pup?  Are you listening?  Hello?

Once again I am forgotten in her never ending quest for an endless supply of treats.  She'll be back though.

I know where we keep them!

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