Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Knee Theory

My friend who is an expert master knows everything gardening guru has a theory.  It is quite simple and straightforward, as most gardening things are.  The theory is this: if your knees are dirty, then you were gardening.  If not ... well, you get the drift.  So here are my knees before I went out to do some gardening.

Here are my knees afterwards.  Clean as can be.

So, apparently I was not gardening.  I was working in the gardens, pruning my apple trees.  Up on a ladder hacking off branches damaged by the storm, however, is not really gardening per se, it's more of 'garden maintenance' I guess.

Oh well.  Still plenty of time left to garden this year and many more opportunities to get my knees dirty.  (Maybe I should have taken these shots in June when we were prepping for the garden tours!  Yikes!)


  1. Let's see the fingernails too. l

  2. clean as a whistle! but my green gardening gloves got soaked through and muddy as can be - plus I wore a hole through them. time to turn them into mitten liners! /g