Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Big Day

Our fundraising campaign is over.  We raised more than enough to put lights on the town trees.  The celebration for the inaugural lighting was wonderful - and very very cold.  And all of that pales in comparison to this - my breakfast.

Egg and cheese on focaccia.  Farm fresh eggs, farm fresh cheese, homemade focaccia.  Melt in your mouth wonderfulness that started my very long day.  


There really isn't much to compare to a perfectly cooked breakfast.  This breakfast had to be the best breakfast that I have eaten in ... in forever.  I tried to make a deal with the baker to leave me little care packages outside of her shop during the week.  I would just drive by when I get home and pick them up.  It is a good plan.  She could out in a little door and my care package would stay warm until I came for it.  

I think she's thinking about it.  

I hope she's thinking about it.  

I wonder if I can make time tomorrow to go and get another one of those fabulous breakfast sandwiches?

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