Friday, December 16, 2011

Fast Train

There's a certain kind of constancy to the trains whizzing through the station.  

The initial "light of hope" as they come out of the tunnels - is this my train?  Peering down the tracks to see what engine type - could it be a diesel for me?  Checking for the color of the cars - please let it be a blue NY train!  Joyful rejoicing as the blue train pulls into the station - yay!  Abject sorrow as it never stops - boo!

So close to going home, yet so far.

This was actually a delayed train coming through, clearing the tracks so my train could finally arrive.  Good thing mine was late, because if you notice, I am not on the same platform as the incoming train - they changed tracks at the last minute.

Fortunately I ran and made it.  

Commuter track changes - there's a reason to where running shoes if I ever heard one.

Thank goodness for the weekend.

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