Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter Haiku VII

is that a snowflake drifting down to touch my nose? no, just more cold rain

And this concludes the Winter Haiku!  

Thank you all for your lovely thoughts about my seasonal haikus.  For those who are still wondering WTF!?!?  The haiku started last Spring because of a challenge from my brother (no surprise there - I always seem to get into little challenges of bizarreness with my brother!), he said it couldn't be done.  Since he never said it had to be great haiku worthy of the likes of Matsuo Basho, I knew it I could do it!  

Of course, the hardest part was talking to my brother in haiku for the entire week at the change of seasons.  Too wild and crazy, right?  What can I say?  I like silly fun!

And it was fun for me - and I hope for you as well.  The best part was really looking at nature during each day of the new season and trying to find that one thing that really defined the day, then expressing it in a haiku.  Somedays it was something as small as a Canadian geese sitting and watching the rain fall around it while it sat seemingly comfy and warm with it's fluffed out feathers.  Another day it was the winds whipping across the Ice Pond.

Believe me, after spending the day in NYC transit, a Manhattan building encased in concrete and an office filled with computers, it was a wonderful thing to take the time to look at nature and just contemplate.  

Give it a try sometime - it's totally worth it.

Yay!  Haiku week!!!

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