Friday, December 9, 2011


One of my favorite things about working in Manhattan is the architecture.  I love the way the old and new 'tallest buildings in the world!' stand side-by-side.

The building in the foreground has those turn of the (last) century details - green copper cornices, intricate mouldings, arched windows.

The building in the background covered in glass sparkles like a diamond slicing through the afternoon sky.  It steps upwards, but the little detail that echos the older buildings makes it fit in the neighborhood.

The building between the two is the oldest.  It's gingerbreaded stonework is the basis for the other two buildings.  

They remind me of family - grandmother in her pearls, mother in chunky golds and daughter in sleek dangles.  All stylish individually.  All similar in a way.

Plus, the skyscraper is sparkly.  And who doesn't like a little sparkle now and again during the holidays?

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