Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a Little Fun

The lights on the cornice of this building are actually white, but because of the bit of mist in the air, they turned all golden colored.   It was a shot that had to be taken. 

But then when I got it home, I couldn't help myself - I went and had a little fun with photoshopping this building.  I had to clean the picture up a bit since it is a nighttime shot which makes it all grainy, but then I started clicking around in the filters.

I know me, though.  So I limited my filter play time to a mere 15 minutes.  One hour later...

Don't you think that the crosshatch filter brings out the detailing on the building?  And the noise reduction filter got rid of most of those little spots everywhere.  That dimmed the golden color of the lights, so a small Lab Color adjustment was just begging to be made.

I tell you it was necessary work!  There was no goofing off here - nope - just honest to goodness hard labor going on.

Maybe just a little fun!

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