Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Something You Don't See Everyday

My pup was going crazy barking and I just couldn't figure out why - until I saw this guy.  Yup, it's a camel.  

I can't say that it really surprised me, maybe because of all my years of living in Manhattan where you see the strangest things without commenting.  

I can say that it certainly surprised my puppy!  You would have thought that the world was coming to an end and only she could save us!  By barking really really loud!! Inside the house!!!

Of course I had to oblige her curiosity and go over to see the camel - and I obliged the camel by not bringing my pup with me.

This lovely guy was part of a living nativity over at the church.  He and a few of his friends stopped by to join some spirited children in reenacting the nativity scene, it was really cute.  I especially loved Mary's footwear - the latest in flashy bright hightop sneakers.  Sparkles included.


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