Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fundraising 102 - Thank You!

Our fundraising drive is over and now it is time for the Thank Yous.  We did very very well with the campaign for the tree lights.  We raised more than was needed, so we will be able to get twice as many lights and be able to maintain the trees as well!

Today I printed up the Thank You cards for all of the people and businesses who donated to our little cause.  It's so important to thank everyone who helped and donated - to let them know that their money and time really matter.

When I read through the list of names, there were two that stuck in my head.  They are the reason we have trees to plant in the first place.

It turns out that the trees were not planted in front of what used to be the town's elementary school just on a whim.  They were planted as a memorial to 2 little girls who died 21 years ago in a terrible terrible car accident.  We heard about this and looked into the history - it was *bad*.

The two names that stuck out on the list don't live in our town - and this is really understandable.  They were the parents of the little girls who died.  But even though they don't live here anymore, they wanted the trees to be lit up for all of the town's celebrations.

The parents want the girls to be remembered for their happiness and joy.  They want the lives of the girls to be celebrated, not just have their deaths mourned.  And that is what will happen now.

Every time someone in our town has a cause for celebration - they can light up the trees.  And the trees will be cared for with the extra monies in the fund.

It's all good.  And that's what fundraising is all about.

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