Friday, December 2, 2011

Cake Inspirations

I have to bake a cake for the church raffle this weekend.  Of course, I needed some fresh ideas.  I thought about just doing a basic white cake with white frosting.  No! Really!! I thought about something just plain and simple! Honest!!!

But then I thought - where the fun in that?  So I headed over to Cake Central to get some inspiration from the fabulous bakers there.  The stacked ornament cake above is by Karen Anne Cakes.  The thing I like about it is the hand painted gold snowflakes on the bottom tier.  The wobbly effect is neat, but I don't have a tray that I am willing to drill a hole through to secure a dowel rod.  I'll just keep the golden snowflakes in mind.

I just love the pearl detailing on this cake.  The use of both blue and white pearls adds such a nice sparkle.  But - I don't have any pearls so, continuing the search.

Love the leaf border on this.  So nicely done.  But not really Christmassy - more of a winter theme, no?

Clean and classic.  The plain white fondant really shows off the holly on this cake.  I like the holly a lot, but I'm not too keen on the fondant covering the cake.  I'd have to make it tonight in order to let it cure to be able to use it tomorrow. And tonight I am definitely not making fondant.

Serious beauty here.  Mexican paste edible tree, ribbons and bows!  Very nice, very nice indeed.  And I love the little stars anchoring the petals on the side.

The Bumble! OMG! Too funny and adorable.  Rice krispies and cotton candy came together in this beauty.  If I could get cotton candy, I would definitely attempt this one just for the laughs!

Okay - last one.  I promise.  Love the simplicity of this -shell border, leaf in red and green and round dots - all buttercream, all delicious.

I have to think about it, but tomorrow is cake bakin' time!


  1. which one did you decide. I like the cupcake one. You could really play with that one

  2. I'm going to try the mexican paste christmas tree. Should be an interesting experience!