Thursday, December 8, 2011

They Just Won't Stop Blooming

I love pansies.  Honest.  They're a wonderful early spring flower.  And I always look forward to my friend, Laurel, telling me when the first blooms start to open at the greenhouse.  Really.  It let's me know that spring is only a few weeks away.

But seriously.  December 8th.  With an inch of snow on the ground.  With ice coating the walkway.  Bundled in layers and 2 - count them 2! - pairs of mittens on my frozen fingers, after chipping the ice off of the truck at the train station, I came home to this.  Pansies blooming in the planters on the front porch!

Now, I understood yesterday seeing impatiens in Manhattan.  It is 2 zones warmer than here at home and the impatiens were in a sheltered sunny spot.  Humorous, yes.  Explainable, yes.  But we are zone 5.  It's in the 30's.  There's *snow* and *ice* on the ground.  The planters are in shade - sitting on stone.  

It's not warm.

Okay, maybe there is a bit of warmth coming from the house.  Our front door is not weatherproof.  (What can I say?  It's Victorian.  If you were 150 years old, you probably wouldn't be all that weatherproof either.)

But really.  Enough is enough.  These pansies must die.

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