Sunday, December 18, 2011

Here's What We Did

These 2 spruce trees are right in front of our town hall.  They really are a nice shape, so the mayor decided that it would be neat if they had lights on them.

Then 2 committees met and decided that it would be neat if they got lights for the trees and had them put up.

Then a subcommittee met and decided that it would be neat if there were lights that could be put up on the trees.

Then a sub-subcommittee met and decided that while it would be nice if there were trees on the lights, there was simply no funding available to do to.

Then all kinds of crazy broke out and people started talking to each other and decisions got made and folks volunteered and all of the sudden there were people who said - we can do this.

There were fundraisers knocking on doors, flyers handed out and hung up, cans on counters, emails sent, radio chats, television advertising and newspaper press releases.  And the town responded.  And the money came.

And then to story of how the trees came to be planted where they were came out.  They were memorial trees planted for 2 little girls who died.  And the community responded more, and the family of the girls responded.  And the money came.

Then the contractors stepped up to the plate and donated their time and equipment.  And the lights came and were hung, the electric lines got run and a celebration was planned, the bakers baked goodies and  a party was put together.

Then the celebration time arrived.  The people of the town came to see the trees lit.  The clergy came to bless the moment, the mayor spoke, the family lit the trees, the press took photos and quotes and the television cameras recorded the event.

And the trees were lit.

This happened in a rural community where money is tight, foreclosures are common and jobs are non-existant.  It happened because people care about the town and they care about the family who lost the little girls.

This was a wonderful thing.  So many people stepped up to the plate and helped out in whatever way they could.

Thank you everyone!!!

I'm still smiling!

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