Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contain Yourself

I took a break from the weeds today to get our window boxes done.  Of course, after I finished them, I had some leftovers - so I tossed them together into a container.  I followed no "rules of gardening" for this container - I just had fun with what was lying around, playing with the plants.

I put a dracaena in the middle, some geraniums around the edges and tucked in orange mosaic impatiens under the geraniums for a splash of color, then finished it off with common vinca.  I like it!

The "sun" window boxes came out alright.  Again, the dracaena in the middle, calibrachoa on the "inside" edge, sweet potato vine on the outside, and 2 coleus in the background.

Usually I just put in a ton of impatiens for the "shade" boxes.  This year I thought I'd try something a little different.  Dracaena in the middle again, sweet potato vines on the corners, bacopa in the center and then a hosta and heucharella in the background.  It really brightens up the shady windows - even if it is mostly bright green - the bacopa flowers are white and they'll stand out in a week or two.  I think it came out great and I can put the hosta and heucharella in the ground once the season is over.

Perennials in the containers - it's too exciting!!

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