Saturday, June 23, 2012

Night & Day

After 3 days of high heat and humidity, it's nice to get back to some cooler weather - you know, in the 80s.

When the front came through yesterday it was like a mini tornado - high winds, quarter-sized hail, torrential downpour (almost 2-inches of rain in 30 minutes!).  I thought that the gardens would be trashed beyond repair.

After walking around, though, I found most everything was just fine.  Even though the clover field got knocked down, I'm hoping it will perk up over the next couple of days.  And quite frankly, I was just happy that none of the trees came down on the house.  There were a few small branches here and there, but overall, it was all fine.

I'm glad we took the time to put in all the plants before the heat hit.  I think they would not have done so well if they were still in pots out on the back patio.  Being in a cool garden bed really let them do well with the heat and the heavy rain.  Now all they need to do is grow - a lot - before the tours start.

And today was all about the tours.  Not the fun outside things, pruning and primping, but the million details of paperwork, flyers, brochures and phone calls.  So I didn't get to go outside much at all today.

Because even though I kept looking out the window and thinking that I would be done any minute, the next thing I knew, it was night.  Apparently even though it's lighter longer in the summer, they didn't add any extra hours to go along with the extra light.

I'll try again tomorrow...

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